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Meet Adam Alavi

Adam's amazing story starts with his family immigrating to America when he was 16 years old.  After high school Adam started working full time for an electronic company from 4am to 2:30pm 6 days a week and also working part time from 3:30 to 9:30 at the second company that was making computer parts also to support himself and his family.  After working for almost 6 years, Adam along with almost 2000 people got laid off and lost their jobs due to company move to Malaysia and that was when Adam's life took a new direction.  He was living with his parents back then because he couldn't afford having his own place, he was driving with an old beat up car that he always hide it in the corner of shopping centers because he didn't want his friends see it and all he could afford to eat back then was $1.50 hot dog from Costco. He felt like a failure in so many ways and he wanted to give up about 100 times a day! Well He didn’t. He took a stand and told himself, “I will until!” Someone once told him that success was buried under frustration and He was determined to stay strong enough, long enough, to find his way to success. Because of that incident Adam realized that he has so much respect and value and he promised himself that not to let anyone to keep him at the job as long as they want him and once they found someone cheaper and faster they let him go.  Less than 6 years ago Adam took a leap of faith and decided to take a control of his life, his future and became an student of entrepreneurship industry.  He is one of the Top Sales Leaders in his company . Because of this, He is part of the Millionaire Club Member with multiple six figure annual income and a team of more than fifty thousand distributors in seven different countries.  He believes " In our industry is not about how much money we make it's about paying it forward and helping others" and that is what he is passionate about.  He has mentored people from all walks of life to be successful beyond their wildest dreams. Students, Stay at Home Moms, Waiters, Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. It doesn’t matter your background, He had helped someone like you build a life that they dream of but had no idea where to start.  Few words from Adam:  What motivates me is helping others realize they can have more, do more, and be more regardless of their circumstances, background,  and    I love helping people! I get up every day and search for those that I can help and serve. Enough about me. This site is for YOU. It’s to show you that no matter what, if you are strong enough, long enough you can make it! Let’s do it together.
Adam Alavin on Nerium Incentive Cruise with Mark and Tammy Smith
Adam Alavi Receives Nerium Top Earner Award

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